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The third phase of the HCG diet takes over when your body starts burning stored fat to fulfil the energy requirements of your body. This phase contributes the maximum results to a fitness regime. You may lose several pounds of weight during this phase. In fact, you can find many success stories over the Internet to understand the potential of this phase in regulating your excess weight.

However, if you want to support your fitness regime with HCG diet, you should understand that customized fitness schedule is very important for its effectiveness. You can use the resources over the Internet to design / customize your fitness regime. Once you do that and follow your program with a positive mindset, you will achieve wonderful results. HCG is a modern strategy to regulate weight and reshape our body. This is the reason why HCG drops have become so popular over the years.

If you have tried many fitness programs to be disappointed in achieving any tangible weight loss, and want to try HCG diets to see if the combination of this supplementary diet can help you in realizing your fitness goals, then you should have no confusion about the potential or possibilities of HCG drops. Don’t waste your efforts and time by following delusions. Please understand the following facts before taking your decision to go with the HCG diet:

  • HCG is natural: You should understand that HCG is a natural hormone produced by the placenta of pregnant women. The role of HCG hormone in stabilizing weight was discovered when the doctors looked for the main contributors to post pregnancy weight loss. It was realized that HCG Hormones produce rapid weight loss after delivery and safely produce similar results in other people. So, HCG drop is a safe and natural product.

  • HCG Drops are not a magic pill: people suffer from the misconception that HCG diet will automatically trigger a weight loss process in all individuals. The marketing hype and growing popularity of this product contributed to this delusion. However, you should understand that HCG drop is not a magical potion to make you slim and trim without putting some effort. In fact, HCG drops are special supplements that provide only a supporting role to your customized weight-loss program. So, you have to design and strictly follow your fitness program at the first place to benefit from HCG drops.

  • HCG Drops require dieting: If your will power is not strong enough to resist the temptations of your regular delicacies, HCG drops cannot help you because this weight loss solution requires you to control your diet. It works only when you strictly follow the diet rules during all the three phases of this diet program. If you are unable to regulate your diet, you cannot reprogram your metabolism from storage mode to energy burning mode.

  • HCG Drops Diet Program: HCG drops require you to honestly follow the three distinct phases of the program. During the first phase, you are supposed to eat as much carbs or fats you like. So, this phase is not difficult. The real difficulty arises when you are required to cut down your carb intake during the second phase so that your body may feel the shock and reprogram metabolism to use stored fat. The intensive dieting of this program requires commitment and positive mindset to make it work. If you want to know more about HCG drops, just use the vast resources over the Internet to research about the topic.